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Tue, 16 Apr 96 15:27:37 PDT

2nd message, just in case

dear editors of Nasa Borba,
congratulations on your web-site, even if the Serbian government succeeds to close down all
independent media in Ex-Yu, god forbid, they cannot stop the free information now internet is

Thank you for linking Press Now.
I mail you also because your link to the serbia dossier on the pressnow site contains an URL
mistake, it should be instead of

I understand the confusion, because servie in dutch means serbia, and when we started the
website all our text was in dutch, like yours also is in Serbian, so the directories are sometimes
written in dutch, while the text is in english.

Let's keep in contact, maybe we can work more together in future,
whenever you get in problems or if you undertake initiatives in Serbia or on the WWW, please
notify us, so we spread the word.

Greetings Roger Kenbeek, Press Now - support the independent media in Ex-Yugoslavia

Maasstraat 6 III

Date: 03/17/96
Time: 10:57:03