hi from paris

Pierre-Alain Le Cheviller (lechevil@cnam.fr)
Sat, 01 Feb 1997 14:44:41 +0100

Hi from Paris!

I work in the student newspaper of the paris university (Sorbonne(s)
Nouvelles). We are very impressed by the protest movment. I would like
realize article about serbia student protest movment.
I have some questions (please excuse my basic english):
Is the majority of the students protest or only a part ?
Do your teachers help you ?
Why protest now and not during the war in Bosnia ?
What was serbian students attitude during Bosnia War ?
Which universities are the more active? Humanities ? Science ? Economy ?
What do the students think about the 3 protest leaders ? Do you trust
them ?
What is the part of the students is the protest movement ?
Why do you protest ? What is the part of the university problems and
national problems in your protest ?
How the protest is organize ? we are very impressed because you protest
every day. Is it organized by a coordination organization ? How is it
organized ?
How many students and universities are there in Serbia ? Are they all
active. Are the belgrade and nis universities the only active ?
What do you hope for Serbia ?
What do you think about the attitude of others part of the serbian
(church, trade-unions...)?

Thank you and good luke.
You can visit Sorbonne(s) Nouvelles :