The plot of Ethnic clinsing in Kosova or Break up of Yugoslavia

Ramazan Hajdini (
Fri, 06 Feb 1998 00:42:27 -0600

European Community on Jan.28. passed resolution and debated around
3-hours about kosova and violation of the human rights that are taking
place there. Even do acknowledges the brutal oppression of the Serbian
rule of Kosova it fell short of supporting independence for Kosova
,which Albanian Population of Kosova true referendum in 1992 voted to
succeed from former Yugoslavia. On the resolution it says that EC
"condoms continued repression on the population of the ethnic Albanians
of Kosova , which reaction has flared up armed resistance in Kosova.
EC supports the integrity of Yugoslavia and asks the Yugoslav government
to immediately respect the the human rights of the Albanians in
Kosova"... On the other side same message was given to Milosevich by
the U.S.A. envoy Mr.Gelbard who stated that Albanians of Kosova should
give up their drive for independence and settle for autonomy and any
resolution to the Kosova issue should be included in the frame of
Yugoslavia , there will not be any changes of the Yugoslav borders. With
these messages from the Western Politicians I see a plot similar to one
in 1989 before the break up of the Former Yugoslavia. At the time when
all of former Yugoslav republics had voted democratically to succeed
from Yugoslavia the West and USA did not support any drive for
Independents .It is a fact that Mr. Baker ( at the time Secretary of the
State ) met with Milosevic in june 1989, and declared that USA and the
West are supporting the integrity of Yugoslavia. With that pretext
Milosevic and the Serbian army invaded Slovenia than Croatia and Bosnia
. At the beginning of the war Milosevic thought that he had the
support of the west to keep former Yugoslavia together by force. But
that support vanished day after the war broke up. Was that by any
chance a Western plot to break up Yugoslavia ?
Today ,9-years later the West are implementing exact the same policies
to Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro ) when it comes to supporting
the drive of the 2-Million ethnic Albanians of Kosova for Independence .
Is this a another plot by the West to start another conflict in Balkans
? Or, is this a plot , true war , to further disintegrate Yugoslavia (
Leave perhaps the former Belgrade Pashaluk as Serbia ) and recognize
Kosova and Monte Negro as independent states, or is it another
conspiracy to ethnically cleanse Kosova? The president of Macedonia
Mr.Gligorove suggests, as a good will , he will open a corridor for the
Albanian refugees leaving Kosova and going torch Albania. Does this
statement ring a bell to the West? ...Doesn't this statement sounds like
was drafted by Milosevich and Glogorove together ?... Perhaps it was.
When it comes the question of the Albanians in Kosova and Macedonia
the Macedonians have always worked by the formula of the Serbia in
dealing with them. That was seen last summer in Gostivar when the
Macedonian police brutally attacked the peaceful Albanian demonstrators
where 3-Albanians were killed and hundreds wounded. Indeed Mr. Glogorove
is to naive to suggest a scenario of "ethnic cleansing of Kosova". If
war breaks up that most likely will mean the end of today's Macedonia.
Mr. Gligorove will not have any time to think of securing corridor for
the Albanian refugees ( He should draw plans for a corridor taking his
slavic population torch Bulgaria or serbia?) , when in case of war in
Kosova the real threat will be the existence of Macedonia. Lest pray
to god that war does not ignite to Kosova, because Gligorove forgets
that Bulgaria has "other scenario", Albania "Another", Greece and
Turkey perhaps "Another one". And the outcome of such a war could be
very ,very brutal. That is way I would suggest to Mr. Gligorove and the
Western Politicians to support Dr. Rugovas peaceful break up from Serbia
and recognize the will of the 2- million Albanians for which Rugova
Lets hope for the best!
Sincerely :
Ramazan Hajdini