Answer on: The plot of Ethnic clinsing etc.

moma (
Tue, 10 Feb 1998 11:47:37 +0200

Dear Mr. Hajdini,

To read your article was very interesting, however, I was not very sure,
do you take care more about "integrity "of Yugoslavia or the
independence of "ethnic" Albanians ?! I do agree that every nation in
the world should have a chance and the right to choose its future, isn't
it?!. This includes Kurds,( there are ethnic in that areas) in Turkey,
isn't it, this includes Greeks in Albania,( there are ethnic in that
areas), isn't it, this includes Hungarians, Muslims and Albanians in
Serbia,( there are ethnic in that areas), isn't, this includes Serbs
(what is left) in Croatia and Bosnia, ( there are ethnic in that areas)
isn't it, this includes Istrians in Croatia, ( there are ethnic in that
areas) isn't it, this includes so many minorities and nations all over
the world. Moreover, why not to include Scotland as well, anyhow they
have more rights on throne, than anyone else in UK. What about Quebec?
So many examples, but without any concrete solution, isn't it? However,
you do have ready solution for "ethnic" Albanians, but what with the
other ones? They have no right to choose between "the independence" and
"ethnic cleansing". Old Latin's would say: "Facta, facta non verbis"!
May be,you should try to be more objective. Yes, "ethnic Albanians" did
make referendum in 1992 and voted to succeed from Yugoslavia. Did they
ask the other ones about their opinion or they have granted, by the
Mighty one, rights to do what ever they want? History, who cares;
Graveyards , who cares; Constitution, who cares! I am sure you know
that the ratio between the nations on Kosovo was very different at the
beginning of the 20th century . May be I am wrong.........

As you said, lets hope for the best

M.D. Dimitrijevich, PhD