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First issue of "Borba" was published in Zagreb on February 19, 1922. During World Was II, "Borba" was published in Uzice, from October 19, until November 27, 1941, and in Drinic from October 1, 1942 until February 27, 1943.

Beginning November 15, 1944, "Borba" is printed in Belgrade, and from March 23, 1948, parallely in Zagreb. From January 1, 1988, "Borba" is published in Belgrade, as a single edition for the whole Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia. On its 70th birthday, on February 19, 1992, "Borba" became "Independent News Daily," and on July 1, 1996, it became a private corporation in mixed ownership, "Borba d.d."

After the liquidation proceedings, on December 26, 1994, the newspaper continued printing under the name "Borba -- Special Edition." Beginning February 1995, the name "Nasa Borba" was eastablished as the name of the newspaper.

Founder and publisher: "Fininvest," Owner: Dusan Mijic, Novi Sad, Bulevar oslobodjenja 92. President: Dusan Malesevic. Editor-in-Chief: Miomir Brkic.
Typesetting: Computer Center "Nasa Borba"
Printed by: Stamparija "FORUM," Vojvode Misica 1, Novi Sad. ISSN 0354-6217

Internet distribution: Yurope On-Line Communications, California, USA.
Yurope/NB: Natka Buturovic, Nikola Stankovic, Snezana Petrovic.

Address: 29. novembra 68 b, 11000 Beograd, Yugoslavia
Telephones: +381-011-752-497, +381-011-750-024, +381-011-750-483
FAX: +381-011-750-165

Send comments, questions, inquires to redakcija@nasa-borba.co.yu

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