SPS anti-Serb brutality AGAIN

krunic (cacak@pc-oznet.com.au)
Wed, 01 Oct 97 10:25:18 PDT

The events in BG show a need to remove the current controllers of the Sta=
te police in Serbia.

These demonstartors in BG do not wish to destroy Serbia. They wish that =
Serbia becomes a successful, and prosperous country. They do not wish to =
divide Serbia, they want to keep it together. These people thereore deser=
ve the support of all justice minded people.
They are Serbia's future.
Serbia has a future, but not with SPS, but rather with the people who are=
on the steets of BG, looking for a successful country,
The SPS government are against these people. That is why we need to be =
against SPS.

The case of SPO member Ivica Lazovic CANNOT BE FORGOTTEN.

The situation in BG NOW, the Demonstrations that ZAJEDNO had during the =
1996/7 winter are all reasons why SPO, DS, DSS, SLS should not be in coa=
lition with SPS and the non existant ND and JUL. The case of Serbian Kraj=
ina, The case of Sarajevo, Eastern Slavonia. The case of living standards=
, The case of justice. Aren't they enough causes to unite aganist this =
SPS antiSerb regime.

How can anyone who feels for Serbia be with such criminals? How can anyon=
e associate with those who wish violence towards Serbia? with those who =
wish to destroy Serbia.

Yes, Serbia does need to remove SPS, the government that pays more attent=
ion to the inter serb squabble between Plavsic and Krajisnik, and who con=
trols Doboj TV, and Banja Luka TV than to the current tragedy against Ser=
bs in Eastern Slavonia. Is this not true that TANJUG pays 5 times more =
attention to control of TV stations in RS than to the situation of Serbs =
in Eastern Slavonia. Yes it is!
That is why Serbia's SPS 'governemnt' needs to go.
That is why neither Djindjic nor Draskovic,nor Kostunica nor SPK leaders =
nor anyother leader should be SEEN WITH sps.

Sa Verom U Boga, ZA Kralja I Otadzbinu