Re: Ted Kramer

MVranjican (
Mon, 5 Jan 1998 23:47:14 EST

Dear Mr. Kramer:

Indeed the allegations regarding the use of nuclear weapons in Bosnia by NATO
forces leave one wondering why independent and neutral investigating
commissions were not organized to investigate them. But, one must also ask if
anyone is really intrested. So far, the world community is treating these
allegations as something irrelevant and unworthy of attention -- in other
words another Serb lie!

In all fairness, if such an alleged act was to occur in any other part of the
world it would probably receive more attetion, but since it is a "non entity"
known as Republika Srpska the case is dismissed as otrageous right from the

Simply because there is no independent proof of the use of nuclear weapons
doesn't mean it didn't happen. This reminds me of the flaw of reasoning of
atheists who say there is no God. Yet they must believe that God doesn't exist
because they couldn't possibly know! It's their belief vs. the belief of

But to some in the West, anything Serb is already pre-judged, including your
last sentence: "unapprehended and unpunished perpetrators of genocide in
Bosnia." The word "alleged" was carefully left out. The fact is that despite
all the arrests, voluntary and involunary, of various accused war criminals,
only ONE (Dusko Tadic) was convicted of such crimes (with highly
circumstantial evidence and definitely short of 'byond the shadow of a doubt')
in a court procedure that doesn't meet Western principles of judicial

So how do you know they are all unpunished perpetrators of genocide in Bosnia?
Probably for the same reason you seem to "know" that nuclear weapons were not

Mladen Kosta Vranjican