Letter of the Patriarch Pavle

Ramazan Hajdini (zahn@vbe.com)
Wed, 07 Jan 1998 00:00:56 -0600

Dear Mr. Patriarch Pavle:
Your letter addressed at the Albanian students peaceful demonstrations,
even do has a political motive behind it, it acknowledges that there is
a big problem in Kosova. But you fell short of identifying the cause of
the real problem. You are asking the Albanian students to recognize the
colonial rule of Serbia, which Albanian population in Kosova with free
election held and referendum voted for free and Independent Kosova.
Nobody has a moral right to ask Albanians to leave under serbian
government when in the past the same Serbian governments have rule
Kosova which "Iron Fist", and some rights that they enjoyed from
1974-89 where taken by force by Milosevic's brutal regime. How would you
justify the creation of Republic of Srpska in Bosnia (Created by blood
and Genocide) and in the other side deny the right of self determination
to a region which is inhibited 92% by Albanian ethnic group and who
unlike the Serbs in Bosnia (Who made up around 30 %) are using Civilized
peaceful means to gain they right of self determination?
Also I like to point out that the Universities of Prishtina was build by
the Albanians themselves with their money. In contrary the Serbian
government can never pay the Albanian Population for using the profits
from the mines and other reaches of Kosova to build Belgrade and other
Serbian Cities.
If you want to look at the problem from Historical and Geographical
point of view I would suggest that Serbian People should be taught the
real historical facts. It is a fact that Albanians are one of the
oldest inhabitants of Kosova and all Balkan ,unlike the Slavs (Serbs)
who moved to the area beginning of the 6-Century.
Any way you look at the problem it is clear that Albanians of Kosova
deserve self Determination , and it is clear that Albanians are tired
from the serbian oppressive rules ,
and their quest for freedom is and independents state is justified by
International Standards and Democratic Principles. Only Independent
Kosova ,open to Serbia and Albania could bring long lasting peace in the
Balkans. Even do oppressed by the brutal regimes of Serbia in the past
and present , Albanians still want to remain a good neighbors with
Serbs. The fact that they took the road of peaceful negotiations for
their goal of Independence shows that Albanians are good loving people
who respect their neighbors.
And I hope that you highness Pavle will respect the right of a nation
to choose their destination. That same right is guarantied even by the
Bible you preach.
With great Respect:
Zahn Hajdini
United State of America