Re:Referendum on Kosova

moma (
Mon, 06 Apr 1998 10:53:50 +0300

Dear Mr. Hajdini,
I agree with You that (most probably) the following referendum on Kosovo
and Metohija is just one more manipulation. However, I do not agree
that the decision for Kosovo and Metohija is only in the hands of
people from Kosovo and Metohija. If, my memory still works well, Kosovo
and Metohija, is still part of Republic of Serbia and Federal State of
Yugoslavia, respectively. As I can see, You do agree with the results
of referendum held on Kosovo and Metohija during 1992. Strange, isn't
it? I am really sorry, but although I was trying to recall if any
country in the world recognized this referendum, the result was zero. Or
I am wrong? (Please, don't give me Albania, as example). Did You agree,
when Serbs did the same thing in Croatia and Bosnia? I really doubt!
Would You agree with referendum in all FS of Yugoslavia (where all
nations) should have a chance to say, yes Kosovo and Metohija have a
right for independence, or no, Kosovo and Metohija, does not have a
right for independence! I really doubt, as Serbs are minority on Kosovo
and Metohija at this moment, ethnic Albanians are minority in FS of
Yugoslavia. So, what would be the result of such referendum? I would
like to ask You one question more. When You are travelling out Kosovo
and Metohija, (of course if You are from there), You do use the passport
of FS of Yugoslavia (not the passport of imaginary Republic of Kosovo) ,
isn't it? At that moment, all Albanians from Kosovo and Metohija are
citizens of the country that they do not recognize. One word explains
everything, demagogy! May be I am wrong, correct me?!
Sincerely Yours,
M.D.Dimitrijevich, PhD