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Tue, 28 Apr 1998 13:56:38 -0400

Following is some information on a newly launched Web site from
the U.S. Committee for Refugees that provides information, news,
and statistics on the plight of refugees around the world. I think you
will find it to be useful, and I hope you get a chance to check it out
and possibly incorporate it into your site.

U.S. Committee For Refugees Launches New Web Site

Site Offers Up-To-Date News & Information On
Refugee Crises Throughout The World

The U.S. Committee For Refugees has just
launched a new Web site that provides up-to-date
news and information on refugee crises
throughout the world as well as the latest on
USCR national and international efforts to
respond to the needs of refugees.

The site includes a
user-friendly, country-by-country database of
information on refugee situations and up-to-date
information on the wars, violence and overall
political climate around the world that have
spurred these refugee crises. The site also
includes a fully searchable copy of USCR’s
World Refugee Survey the acclaimed annual
report that provides governments, NGOs and
others with vital information on country conditions,
the status of refugees, and their numbers,
throughout the world.

"USCR’s new Web site was designed to be an
important tool for people here in the United
States and around the world who need quick
and credible information on country conditions
and the plight of refugees,” according to USCR
Executive Director Roger Winter. “USCR is
committed to keeping this site fresh, user-friendly
and filled with compelling information as we
continue our work to respond to the urgent needs
of refugees.”

Currently featured at is
a new USCR report exposing the little-known
plight of more than one million Colombians who
have been forced from their homes in recent
years because of the guerrilla, paramilitary
violence, and drug cartels. Based on USCR
site visits to the country and interviews with local
government officials, as well as with hundreds of
displaced Colombians, USCR offers not only a
riveting report on the violence and life-and-death
struggle facing Colombians today, but also
provides carefully developed recommendations
that can help address the needs of the displaced
in the country.

USCR’s Web site also includes first-hand
refugee interviews and testimonials, a photo
gallery and an innovative “Postcards From The
Field” section where USCR’s traveling policy
analysts and investigators offer on-site, personal
looks at refugee situations. Current “postcards”
include special reports from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh
and Liberia.

Visitors to also have the
opportunity to join USCR on-line and can view
and download the latest USCR press releases,
policy statements, articles and reports.

If you would prefer to receive press releases via fax,
send an email (with your name and fax number) to: