Ilir Agani (ilirian75@hotmail.com)
Tue, 28 Apr 1998 22:23:32 PDT

The prevalent practice of subverting facts and the omnipresent
discussions over the artificial constitutional authority over Kosova,
has developed into a pattern of many false analogies and comparisons of
the albanian "minority" status in Serboslavia. The most absurd
comparisons made by srblje is the consistent attempt to somehow justify
the un-precedented terror and tyranny exalted upon the albanians in
Kosova, by contrasting the minority status of some nationalities and
ethnic groups in the western-world countries, especially the U.S. Such
frivulous comparisons are completely false, and without any
factual precedent. The entire issue, which has been purposely confused,
rests in the simple fact that ever since the anullment of Kosova's
autonomy in 1989, albanians have been subjected to humiliation and
injustice of unbearable proportions. Simply the fact that albanians are
subjugated to taxes and tariffs, which would even make King George III
jealous, which are used to support the same government system which has
denied them the basic human rights, not to mention the deprivation of
education and the entire public sector. The end result of many U.S.
cessions and territorial gains is the bottom line prosperity and
progress by those minorities whose "mother country" territories were
annexed by the U.S. Even though it is difficult to even abstractly
compare the economic incentives of mexicans or blacks in the U.S. versus
those of albanians in Tito's SFRJ, most albanians felt very pleased and
comfortable within SFRJ. There is a very strong precedent for
albanian-based government in Kosova, which was running well and strong
during SFRJ(Bakalli, Vllasi etc.) A few "remodeled" Byzantine
monasteries, which serbs claim as their own, as the only claim of
serbian superiority over Kosova is a silly and laughing matter. The
ludicrous attempts by the srblje to assert their inalienable right to
Kosova by calling it their "serbian cradle" is black humor of the worst
kind. The major portion of serbian history
is based on false facts and many anachronisms.
Nevertheless, the albanians share the responsibility for their recent
by allowing to submit themselves to ineffective and inept leadership
and bozo-leaders(LDK and Rugova). Because of LDK's and Rugova's lack of
political aptitude we will pay dearly, as albanians always have in their
history when confronted by serblje's hegemony and ultra-nationalism.
UQK(KLA) is only a bi-product of the growing frustration of the
tyrannized albanian population, plagued by inefficient activists(Rugova
and other LDK members), petty rhetoric, localized intrigue, and a
general lack of proper response to the serbian aggression. Albanians
are guilty of being politically ignorant and complacent, while serbs are
guilty of being Satan's children...both very detrimental(especially
because albanians undermine their natural leaders for intrigue-prone

GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES, therefore, albanian response to
Miloshevich's attempt to(again) remain without accountability for
joblessness and economic depression which has plagued Serbia, must be
swift and united...(KLIN SE KLINOM IZBIJA).

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