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Wed, 6 May 1998 12:11:38 +0200

We would like to draw your attention to the hunger strike in Ljubljana, Slovenija
Mr. Darko Zupan (age 43) has been on hunger strike since 26.3.1998 by now (41 days). His strike is very intensive, since he spending the whole day outdoors, on the sidewalk in front of the government palace, in good or bad weather (mostly bad lately). The reason why he had decided to go on hunger strike was constant violation of basoc human rights by the government administration. Contrary to thecourt order they have deprive him of the property woth few hundreds of thousands of USD, which is not a single case in Slovenija. We would like to point out that they had tried to eliminate him, as well as the entire Republican Party, the member of which he is. It is no secretthat political violence is growing in Slovenija and we are most concerned to such violations of basic human rights.
Since mr. Zupan Is on hunger strike in very bad weather conditions, he is physically vety weak, so since 30.4.1998 he can no longer walk on his own. The government of the Republic of Slovenija, responsible for returing his property has no reacted by now. All they did was forbid the media (most of the media are budgeted) to report on this event. In spite on the fact that Mr. Zupan is lying helplessly on the sidewalk for days, no one has ever offered him the basic medical care, they did not provide for his basic sanitary needs in order to stop his stike and make him waive his rights.
In order to solve the problem we have made an appeal to Mr. Kucan- the president of the Republic of Slovenija, Mr. Drnovsek- prime minister, to thepresident of all the mayor political parties, the highest representativesof the Catholic Church, the representatives of the humanitary organisations, to the ombudsman, but none of them reacted. The political dictatorship in Slovenija has a total control of everything and there is no one ready to fight back in a democratic manner.
We would therefore like to ask you to use your power and help us arrange the chaotic and totally inhuman circumstances which are supposed to be democratic but in praxis are more likely to be a communist dictatorship.
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Yours sincerely

The Republicans of Slovenia
Adolf Storman