Serbian myths

Veran Matic (
Fri, 08 May 1998 13:00:36 +0200

Aleksandar Tijanic - Dnevni Telegraf

50 new Serbian myths

1. Larger Yugoslavia should have been destroyed
2. Tito was a scumbag
3. We will never accept Gonzalez
4. Majority is always right
5. Any story about our problems is treason
6. We have best economic growth in Europe
7. Women with moustache are the best
8. All Serbs must live in one country
9. Journalists don't have to be literate, but must be loyal
10. It is honourable to change sides quickly
11. Crime is normal in countries in transition
12. We downed US AWAKS plane
13. Zirinovski gave us secret weapon
14. Opposition in Serbia exists

17. Sudden social progress is possible without work
18. Whole world hates Serbs
19. Russia will divide the world again
20. No one in Serbia ever died of hunger
21. All lessons fro the future can be learned from the past
22. Truth is the thing which serves interests of Serbian people
23. Nation is everything, individual is nothing
24. Patriotism is base of any science in Serbia
25. Natural intelligence doesn't exist, it is enemy propaganda
26. Democracy is boring
28. Our criminals are better then theirs
30. Only if we wanted, we could do anything
31. Whoever we fuck or liberate, he never forgets it
33. All those who separated themselves from the state of Serbia will be ruined
34. Police should be stronger than the army
35. US troops will never dare to come to Bosnia
41. Passport is not pro-Serbian device.
42. Training suit is best clothes for going out at evenings.
43. It is best to learn from one's mistakes
45. We will extradite no one to the Hague, except for volunteers
46. One should learn to speak Chinese

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