Kati Marton's Letter

Alexandra Radojevic (aradojevic@bogle.com)
Thu, 21 May 1998 12:50:52 -0700

I find it interesting that Ms. Kati Marton is telling the Serbs how to run
their media. She is the wife of Richard Holbrooke, that American bully, who
has been so disastrous to the Serbs and their national interests.

The media in Yugoslavia should be left to the people of that country.
Perhaps the media in Yugoslavia is not always what we all would like it to
be; however, external interference,especially in such a vital area, should
not be allowed. Certainly, the Americans would never, ever even consider
outside pressures on how to run their media (actually, propaganda would be
a better word for the media here in the United States).

Thanks, Ms. Marton, but no thanks.

Aleksandra Radojevic
Seattle, WA SAD