Serbia must be better

Joseph Miano (
Tue, 16 Jun 1998 10:22:33 -0400

Dear Nasa Borba:

I pray for Serbia everyday as I read the news about Kosmet. World hypocrisy
toward Serbia saddens me deeply. Where is the UN in northern Ireland? What
sanctions were applied against Russia for its operations in Chechenya?
Whose air forces have flown over East Timor in an effort to intimidate the
Indonesians? Where was the moral indignation when the US government used
tanks against its citizens in Waco, Texas?

The Serbs must apply the better and more productive aspects of "inat" to the
problem. You must resolve to rise above the hypocrites and small minded.
No people can match the strength of will of the Serb nation and it is
through this strength of will that the Kosmet situation can be ameliorated.
The Albanians of Kosovo are also Serbian citizens. They must be treated
fairly and affirmative action must be directed at convincing the Albanians
that they are part of Serbia. Likewise the Albanians must accept this
reality. Albanian criminals, like any other criminals, must be arrested,
tried fairly in courts and punished based on the law and their guilt.

Onerous as it may be, you cannot use military force against them without
lending legitimacy to their claim of being insurgents. The sad fact is that
the cruelest thing that Serbia could do to Kosovo is to let the Albanians
have it for they would find themselves ill-prepared for self-rule nor would
the rest of the world carry them economically. Nor would they find sudden

Serbia must be better than its foes. Serbia must be stronger. Serbia must
sacrifice more and swallow its pride if that is needed. Serbia must do
these things because Serbia must prevail. As Kalamagden stands as a bulwark
against the winds that blow from deep in Asia into Europe, so too must
Serbia stand as a bulwark against those who would destroy it.


Joe Miano

Joseph J. Miano
Woodbridge, Virginia USA