coment on " albanac na kocki zbog poraza hravata izgubio zenu"

arber pacarada (
Thu, 2 Jul 1998 02:10:55 -0700

dear editor!
first I have to apologise because my serbo-croat language is not that good
so I have to write to you in english.
your artical on albanian who lost his wife in a bet of croation semi-final
is so pathetic almost discusting. in the time when in kosova people are
killing each other (albanians and serbs), you finde space and time to
publish an artical so you can feed your (and people like you) sinister ego.

untill today I considered your newspaper as source of fair information but
from now I will never open your site again. people like you serbs are
shamed from people like you.

sincerely student from london!