monte (
Sun, 28 Apr 1996 09:33:56 -0500

It is for regret that you publish opinions, such as the one that insults and
diminishes Montenegrins in a rudly manner.

I will just remind the person who sent the mail that:

-according to the last census in 1991, only 9% of population in Montenegro
declared themselves as Serbs.
-according to the current constitution of Yugoslavia, Montenegrins are
nation, and Montenegro is a state.
-Montenegrins are not invented by Tito. Their history goes back 950 years.
-Only eighty years ago, Montenegro was kingdom etc.

The statements like that can only arose our further resistence and fear for
our future destiny. Actually, one of the reasons for recently cold
relationship between Serbia and Montenegro is the view like this one.
Please, be tolerant enough to leave us alone.

Thank you.