Super Generator - Fot Zdravko Huber and Tanja Jakobi

Jezdimir Vasiljevic (
Mon, 03 Jun 1996 21:38:52 +0200

Press Release

A new breed of electro-generators with improved power factor

Johannesburg, 4 June 1996 - South African-based Vanguard Trading Co. has
announced today it is shipping a new type of electro-generator. The
generator is based on a new discovery and represents a significant
advancement in a electro-generator construction.

The generator's inventor Mr Jezdimir Vasiljevic says the new machine has
a power factor of 1.78, producing 1.78 kW of output power for each 1 kW
of input power. The new electro-motor, running on 220V, is capable of
driving either a traditional three-phase 220V generator or a three-
phase 380V generator.

The generator is especially suitable for use in rural areas and mines,
replacing expensive three-phase lines. "One can use a much cheaper
single-phase network for transmission of electrical power, and convert
it into a three-phase on the spot," says the inventor.

The new 5 kW generator is in production phase and is selling for $5000.

"My electro-generator breaks the traditional laws of physics," says Mr
Vasiljevic. "But miracles happen in science more often than anywhere
else. Everybody is invited to come and bring along any instrument he or
she wishes and see for themselves."

More details about the invention, including technical background
information, could be found at Further