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New York City
September 19, 1996

Announcing, a new Albanian information service on the World
Wide Web

A new Albanian-related service has been created on the Internet, this is
the new server on the World Wide Web.

The server's main attraction is the Albanian World Wide Web Home Page
(previously located at, which has
been selected as one of the Top 5% of all Internet sites by Point
Communication (, awarded with the Three-star award
by the McKinley Group (, and recently been chosen a
Culture Choice site by ( The
Albanian Home Page has now been fully redesigned with more attractive
graphics and navigation has been simplified significantly. The pages have
also been enriched with a larger volume of up-to-date information regarding
Albanians, their history, culture and language, as well as the countries in
which they live: Albania, Kosova, (FYR of) Macedonia and Montenegro. The
Albanian Home Page also contains information about Famous Albanians,
historical personalities, information on major cities and towns (including
images), as well as recepies for Albanian cooking. In the near future the
Albanian Home Page will also contain a mini learn Albanian course complete
with sound, images of folk dresses, and samples of traditional music.

Aside from the Albanian Home Page, will provide Web space for
publications, non-profit organizations and companies from Albania, Kosova,
Macedonia and elsewhere. Currently, has made arrangements with
the Koha weekly (with weekly updated bulletins in English and Albanian),
the Post Pesimist=EBt youth association (with selected articles from the
association's monthly newspaper), the PC Info magazine, the Council for the
Defense of Human Rights and Freedoms, and the Dukagjini Publishing House,
all from Kosova. It is perceived that the number of publications and
organizations will grow, as is still in the process of
contacting interested parties for Internet presence through
Web space for publications and non-profit organizations from Albania,
Kosova and Macedonia is provided free of charge, while for-profit companies
must pay a small fee. The fees are discounted for companies from Albania,
Kosova and Macedonia.

The server can be accessed using any Netscape compatible Web-browser at

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