Prevent bloodbath in Serbia

Tue, 3 Dec 96 23:34:22 -0500

We, the undersigned, appeal to the President and the Senate of the
United States and to the European Parliament, to prevent dictator
Milosevic from suffocating democracy in Serbia. Armored carriers
have been put on the streets of Belgrade, and all independent media
have been abolished. Please, support the young Serbian democracy and
do not allow another Tienanmen to happen in the heart of Europe.


Janko Nikolic-Zugic, MD,Ph.D., 1275 York Ave., New York, NY 10021
Dragana Nikolic-Zugic, New York, NY
Branislav Romanic, MD, New York, NY
Marta Savic, Palo Alto, CA
Bosljka Savic, Palo Alto, CA
Sofija Andjelic, MD, New York, NY
Ivana Vukasinovic, New York, NY
Zarko Nikolic, MD, New York, NY
Mirjana Nikolic, New York, NY
Sasa Andjelic, Nwe York, NY
Dragan Podlesnik, Palo Alto, CA
Dusan Knezevic, MD, New York, NY
Dragan Savic, MD, Palo Alto, CA