>Letter of Solidarity

Medienhilfe Ex-Jugoslawien (Medienhilfe@gsoa.links.ch)
04 Feb 1997 12:11:00 +0100

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To the Democracy Movement in Belgrade/Yugoslavia
to the Students Movement in Belgrade/Yugoslavia
to the Authorities of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
to the Swiss Government
to the Swiss Press

Declaration of Solidarity

The organisers and participants of the public discussion event
"War in Europe" on February 3, 1997, in Bern, Switzerland,
are shocked about the up to now most brutal behaviour of
Serbian special forces against the Democracy Movement in
the streets of Belgrade in the night of February 2nd 1997.
Since two and a half months tens- and sometimes hundreds
thousands of Students and citizens have been daily
demanding with peace- and colourful manifestations, the
recognition of their victory in the local elections. The ruling
guard of Serbia, President Slobodan Milosevic and Serbias
"Iron Lady" Mira Markovic, in their life- and party-coalition
of Socialist Party SPS and United Left JUL seems to be
ready, to stay in power for whatsoever costs. The brutal
attacks of police units against participants of the
manifestation and against leaders of the opposition let fear
that Mira Markovic might realise her big love to China by
creating in Belgrade a new Tijenanmen-Square.
The organisers and participants of the public discussion event
"War in Europe" condemn this attacks and support the
Democracy Movement in Serbia in all their legitimate
demands for the recognition of the election results, for
freedom of press and expression, for a peaceful democratical
change of the country. They urge the Serbian Authorities, to
fulfil the demands of the citizens Movement and to lead the
quarrels with democratical means only.
They urge the Swiss Authorities, to do all in their power to
support the Democracy Movement and the opposition and to
pressure on the Serbian Authorities to renounce all kind of
violence. Specially they demand from the Swiss Government,
to finally invite the leaders of the Democracy- and Students
Movement for an official visit to Switzerland, to recognise
them as partners in discussion on state level. In the same time
all official contacts to representatives of the Yugoslav
Government shall be intermitted, till the democratically
legitimate demands are fulfilled. Specially they urge the
Swiss Government, not to send back any Albanian citizen to
Kosovo, till the political situation in the Federal Republic of
Yugoslavia will get normal, that means democratical.

Organisers: Medienhilfe Ex-Jugoslawien
Reitschule Bern
Grünes Bündnis Bern
Gruppe für eine Schweiz ohne Armee GSoA
Junge Alternative JA!

The Participants in the Public Discussion Meeting
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