Ted Kramer (ttkramer@iastate.edu)
Sun, 13 Apr 1997 12:15:01 +0100

As a descendant of Hungarians from the Vojvodina, I appreciated your
semi-symphatetic article on Bogdan Dundjerski. It is necessary to point
out that Hungarian-Serbian coexistence was not only peaceful, but
friendly in the Bacska during the reign of the Habsburgs. I have many
memorabilia to illustrate this. It was only the heated nationalism of
the 20th century that led to the estrangement of the two communities and
to the tragic events of 1942, and again, in 1944-45. Any hope for
peaceful coexistence is threatened today by the likes of Sesely. Bogdan
Dundjerski was a progressive peacemaker. Ted Kramer