United States Foreign Policy

RICHARD N. MOSS (RICKM1@compuserve.com)
Fri, 12 Sep 1997 00:27:36 -0400

Behind American leadership, the United Nations blocked efforts to enabled=

Bosnians to defend themselves. This allowed genocide to continue on these=

people. To Americas' credit, Congress did say we should lift the arms
embargo, yet the policy continued unabated and the slaughter went on.
People where left defenseless by the arms embargo! Rather than admit
gun-control philosophy did not work, the administration actually took a
passive view, while watching ethnic-cleansing take place. =

After the butcher of millions, the administration then said we
should finance "a United Nations peacekeeping force". Troops from various=

nations where then sent to Bosnia to protect the survivors. That is when
the human-shield incident took place. Can you remember seeing U.N.
"peace-keepers" used as shields for terrorists hell-bent on destroying
their neighbors? Now troops are locked in over there, not able to come
home. Maintaining peace by force results in a never ending battle. If the=
where to be removed from Bosnia, the forced-peace would quickly break dow=
The administration claimed this military occupation of a foreign land was=

only a temporary situation, yet troops remain. By rotating in replacement=

troops, they are able to say, "the troops are on their way home." Those
troops will always be on their way home as new troops are rotated in, yet=

the occupation of a foreign land remains constant. How deceptive. Whateve=
the changing circumstances may happen to be, United States foreign policy=

under democrats usually does more harm than good. =

Then leading democrats wanted to send troops into African
dictatorships, again in a nurturing role. People are starving, yet not
because of food shortages. There is no real food shortage problem, only a=
artificially created one. The people are starving because communistic
regimes are running those countries. For purely selfish reasons, Marxist
governments are once again withholding food from the people while the
Marxist leaders grow fat and wealthy. Same as it was under Chieftain-Trib=
rule in ancient Africa. That foreign policy will only succeed at
propping-up the Marxists regimes. Also created is greater dependency upon=

the State. Same as big-government programs have created dependency over
here. The real reason that so many people are going to bed hungry tonight=

can be described as too much Marxism, or "An uneven distribution of
Capitalism." Get a real man in the White House - eject Mother Bill.
In like manner, Saddam Insane used his own people as human shield=
in the Gulf War. He placed them in front of critical military targets. If=

the western democracies attacked these targets, the "liberal" media could=

call George Bush a child killer. (They could also call Sadam a child kill=
for strapping those people onto military targets but choose not to say
that.) If the Bush Administration choose not to attack these critical
military targets, Saddam would continue terrorizing millions of people wi=
greater force. Choosing the lesser of two evils, that administration choo=
attack and George Bush was called such names. The media and the Democrat
Party in general believe in Marxism, so they always attack the Capitalist=

PS: Remember the hostage crisis of the Carter Administration? Another
touching, feel-good policy of democrat leadership. Remember the Viet Nam
War? Another fiasco from two democrat administrations with democrat
majorities in congress.