Nasa Borba - Neposteno radite ili 'mali' Greh?

krunic (
Fri, 12 Sep 97 06:29:17 PDT

I did not send that second letter in Pisma Citalaca of September
Once again in SIMPLE ENGLISH:; I did not SEND THAT SECOND LETTER, which =
apparently comes from Krunic :
Where is your reply to my first request?

Please 'Source' the letter, " Citalac From Banja LuKa ", I am not from =
Banja Luka,
I Live In Australia! is not from Banja Luka, it is Australia.

If you have made a mistake, then fix it PROMPTLY.

What Is nasa borba trying to do?

Please be respectable in the work you do, and try to be fair and honest, =
perhaps your dishonesty is becoming apparent to everyone, and in future =
peole could get into trouble with this type of activity!
If you were in Australia, you could, and would, be taken to court for mis=
leading and diceptive conduct.