Re: yugoslavian newspapers/services

Nikola Stankovic (
Thu, 25 Sep 1997 15:13:23 -0700

At 06:00 PM 9/25/97 -0400, wrote:
>I am writing from New York City, where I am searching for a support group or
>counselor for someone who speaks SerboCroatian. I am having a very difficult
>time finding these services. Do you know of any resources in NY to serve the
>SerboCroatian population?
>Please write back as soon as possible. Thank you.

Serbian/Croatian churches have proven to be places where the Serbian/Croatian
immigrant population in the US meets and keeps in touch with everybody
else, kind
of a community center.

You might be able to find a support group there, even if you are not
seeking religious guidence.

Also, look around on the Internet. Virtual x-Yugo communities are very strong
on-line, if it is appropriate in your case. Check out
for example.

Hope this helps.

Nik Stankovic