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RESISTANCE AWARD ... dedicatd to the students' resistance in Belgrad

The students' union at the "Universit=E4t f=FCr Bodenkultur Wien" (Universit=
for agricultural sciences, Vienna) supports the students' protest in
Belgrad by granting the RESISTANCE AWARD.

Regarding the current situation in Yugoslavia this years annual resistanc
award is granted to the students' plenum of the protest movement at the
University of Belgrade.
The awards endowments are ATS 10,000.- .

We have decided to dedicate the award to the students protest movement for
we are deeply concerned about the political situation in Yugoslavia.
To achieve - a first step to - democracy in times to come, we consider
realizing the protest movement=B4s demands has high neccessity.

The Belgrade students' demands include:
- an immidiate establishment of a veritable, objective and independent
Governmental Electoral Commitee to let verify the results of the comunal
- the resignation of the polit-Chancellor of the Belgrade University
because of ignorance and inacceptable communication
- the resignation of the student-vice-chancellor, supporter of the party in

Especially we support the Belgrade students demand for the fulfilment of
the basic principles of democracy in Yugoslavia.
=46urthermore we agree to the colleagues decission to achieve their goals by
means of non-violent resistance.

Decency shall succeed
=D6H-BOKU, Students' union at the "Universit=E4t f=FCr Bodenkultur Wien"
(University for agricultural sciences, Vienna)

Resolution to the Yugoslavian Federal Government
Vienna, Jan. 22. 1997

Dear Sirs and Madams!

The Students' union at the "Universit=E4t f=FCr Bodenkultur Wien" (Universit=
for agricultural sciences, Vienna) explicitly approves the students efforts
regarding the movement for democrazy in the Federal Republik of Yugoslavia.
The =D6H-BOKU declares its solidarity with the demands to have human rights
granted, especially the freedom of speech and press, the right of free
assembly as well as the acknowledgement of results of free elections.
We vigorously reject all nationalistic and totalitarian tendencies and call
upon the Yugoslavian Federal Government, to cease those systematic
infringements of democratic rights of man.

This resolution was resolved unanimously by the main committee of the
Students' union at the University for agricultural sciences, Vienna.

Daniel Fleischanderl
(chairman, =D6H-BOKU)

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