How New World Order PROJECT started?

Let's let Branko speak:

"I remember it as if it was yesterday...".
Actually, it's not true. I only pretend to remember. What I remember is what other people told me.

And this is it: there's this beer garden near the University of Oregon Campus. It's just around the corner from Agate Street on 19th. And it does belong to one of the better micro breweries in Oregon, which means they had a variety of beers to offer. To celebrate something (either the fact that it WAS raining, or that it was NOT, only GOD and the waitress know, and TIME will hopefully tell, because the under tipped waitress refuses to do so) we decided to try them all. Incidentally, that IS the last thing I remember.

According to the participants who survived the night in question, a lively discussion took place as soon as the pitchers arrived.

Let's not let Branko speak any more.

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