Please calm down. It's just fine with us that majority of people opt to reproduce. It would probably infringe on human rights to ban some of them from procreating based on their looks, ability to coordinate colors, ability to learn how to operate a motor vehicle, or because of an attitude. Anyway, some of my very good friends are parents. Even some of the former actors. Djordje Putic, who's in Washington DC has a son. And the same is true for Dusan Jugovic, better known as Duja.

You'll find elsewhere what we think about the over- estimated activity that leads towards procreation. W.C. Fields aside, there are many individuals who think that children stand in the way of many things. Unless they are old enough to legally participate, they may limit a person in his sincere desire to fully satisfy his curiosities about unsurpassed decadence. Or her curiosities, of course.

Curiously enough, the rich do not seem to share this problem with the rest of us. Not that we have anything against the rich. As a matter of fact, some of our friends claim that they have rich among their friends. This has not been confirmed by the independent sources.

On the other hand this may all lie deep in the subconscious. We are afraid to excavate around that squalid spot. What if there lies the unexpressed fact that we think so highly of ourselves that we find no other person fit to be the mother of OUR precious progeny? Oh, say it isn't so! This alone would be enough to drive a person to drink. Fortunately, there's so many other things that are more than enough to drive a person to drink, and many of them did. So, it was easy for us to follow the tried promenade.

But enough about sex, let's get back to politics.

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