ANA SIMIC was born in Belgrade on February 28, 1974. She got the elementary musical education at "Stanislav Binicki" Music school - piano department, in Belgrade.

In 1988 she enrolled at the secondary music school "Josip Slavenski" and graduated from the piano and theoretical department as the best student of her year. During her education she won several "Mokranjac" awards.

In 1992 she enrolled at The Music Faculty in Belgrade, Conducting Department, in the class of Professor D. Matic-Marovic. She graduated in December 1997 with the best marks.

During her studies she used to work with several ensembles: chorus "Collegium Musicum", chorus "Branko Krsmanovic" and the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra in Belgrade. With the last one she had many successful concerts throughout the country.

For the time being she works at a music school and is an assistant conductor to Dejan Savic M.A.  in "Baruch Bros" chorus, in Belgrade. She had a very successful concert with this ensemble within the 1997 Choral Festivites at Ilija Kolarac Adult Education Center in Belgrade.


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