Tesla - man and researcher

In the first room, to the right from the etrance, there is a bust of Tesla sculptured by Ivan Mestrovic. Tesla's words about the exceptional profession of a researcher, truly exspressing his life long commitment, are inscribed above the bust. In the corner on the right-hand side, there is an enlarged photograph of young Tesla while studying at Graz (Austria), and below the photograph one can see three of his personal certificates, his birth certificates, the marticulation certificate from the high-school at Karlovac, and the passport he travelled to New York with in 1894. The photograph of his native house and of the church in the village Smiljan in Lika, where his father was a Orthodox vicar, conjures up the starting point of his life, which he had never forgotten.

A choice of letters, on both sides of the photograph of his native house, are the testimony of the highest credit given to him by the world greatest scientists (Einstein, Crookes, Kelvin, Roentgen, Millikan, Popov, Pupin, Lee de Forest, Compton, Kennelly, Amstrong and others).

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