Sound of high frequency oscillator discharge

Tesla's transformer and wireless transmission

Tesla's inventions in the field of currents of high frequency and high voltage are exhibited in the next room. With his oscillator he was the first to succeed in producing currents of high frequncy and of several millions volts. This made the development of new technical fields possible.

Sound of small oscillator-transformer discharge

It seems almost incredible today that Tesla managed to produce current of more than tens of thousand periods frequency with several million volt so many decades ago. Tesla experimented with such voltage in his laboratory in New York as well as in the laboratory in Colorado Springs. Even today the result of these experiments are manifold and represent a strong stimulus to the scholars throughout the world, especially since the Museum of Nikola Tesla published Tesla's result, day by day. Nowdays such oscillators and currents of high frequency are used in radiotechnology, industry and in the process of releasing nuclear energy, and Tesla himself forsaw their application in the fields of medicine and industry. The high frequency oscilator with the big transformer, placed in the middle of the room, of about 500.000 volts, speaks of Tesla's genius and illustrates the producing of light without wires. In this room there is also a smaller oscillator-transformer, Tesla exsperimented with, using tubes with diluted gas. These exsperiments resulted in the present-day tehnology of luminescent light. Even experts know little about Roentgen wondering at and admiring the photographs of parts of human organism which were made with the help of Tesla's hight frequency currents which were used to supply power the tubes producing Roentgen rays.

The most significant experiments with current of high frequecy and high voltage, Tesla carried out in the field of wireless transmission. With the results attained he laid the foundation of the tehnique of wireless transmision, as testified by the exibited text of the judgement of the USA Supreme Court, by which Tesla's inventions in that field have a priority over Marconi's inventins.

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