The whole inheritance of Nikola Tesla is situated on the first floor. It includes his manuscripts and drowings, his correspondance with over 6700 different persons and institutions, the books he used, the valuable clippings from periodical and newpapers which published articles about Tesla, or about the scientific and technical problems Tesla was concerned with.

On the whole, there are more then 150000 documents in the archives, all field and catalogued, and accessible to every research worker. Some of the manuscripts are yet to be published, by which the knowledge about Tesla and his work is to be more fully completed.

By using Tesla's inheritance, the Museum of Nikola Tesla has published the following books so far: Lectures, Patents, Articles (1956); Tribute to Tesla (1961); Colorado Springs Notes (1978), and the same work in Serbian translation (Dnevnik istraživanja, Kolorado Springs, 1899-1900) - published in 1976. In preparation is the publication of the complete works of Nikola Tesla in six volumes, which will be based on the original documents and archive materials.