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Welcome to Turkmenbashi page!
The father of the Turkmen. The maker of Turkmenistan.
A philosopher, a philanthrop, a diplomat...
A dictator.

Halk Watan Turkmenbashi. You'll see this ubiquitous banner anywhere you go in Turkmenistan. Maybe not the deepest Kara-Kum. Well, probably, there too one of these days. It means: One Country, One People, One Leader. The Leader, of course, is Mr. Saparmyrad Niyazov, also known as Turkmenbashi (The Leader of the Turkmen).

This page is not a report on human rights abuse and dictatorship in Turkmenistan. It's simply a collection of photos and things that I've seen on my trip through this country, that illustrate the level of mind control in Turkmenistan and its flourishing personality cult.

"Betray your president" and click here to see the curse:

Turkmen / Russian / English

Turkmenistan manats! No one can buy much with these,
but at least every Turkmen gets to carry
President's picture in the wallet...

Click here & feel the Turkmenbashi spirit:
Turkmenbashi Avenue, Asgabat
Halk Watan Turkmenbashi & portrait, Asgabat
Turkmenbashi monument, Chardzev
Turkmenbashi wisdom displayed
Turkmenbashi city (map, look on the Caspian coast)(outer link)

Turkmenbashi in the news (text files & links)
Sultan, November 23, 1995
Feudal, October 26, 1996
Regime, 30 January 30, 1997
His Own Vodka, AP
Reporters Sans Frontieres, top 25 enemies of freedom list

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