fine art photography by Aleksandar Kujucev

Welcome to my online portfolio of fine art photography.
Fine art represents one of the most exciting and challenging, if not misunderstood areas of photography. It's understandably easy to get wrapped up in the thought of working with nothing but magnificent looking subjects. It May Be Pretty, But Is It fine art? Shortly before introducing the idea that his new invention would not merely draw nature but give it a style. Ascendant styles of Western fine art naturalism and realism were devoted to the exact reproduction of what the artists saw before them. And as chief photographer of kujucev photography at this point he needed pictures for an upcoming artistic issue. The man in charge was a fine art photographer who spoke little and had never taken a fine art picture in his life. He told the model to run toward the camera and inspired her to differ from fine art photography that was boringly posed. It was also because the new medium was found. Fine art photography definitely and increasingly valued the mundane, the fragmentary, the seemingly unopposed. Being a fine art photographer represents some of the most demanding expectations in the field. Not only must you be superb in your lighting abilities, you must have very refined camera, darkroom, production and compositional skills. You must be able to achieve the results expected of you.

Fine art photography also requires some of the skills we recommend to all students - that no matter which, make yourself as versatile in that field as possible. This opens up a far greater pool of potential clients to you, and therefore raises income expectations as well as giving you more creative options. People Photography is no exception, as a matter of fact, this category is probably the best suited of all categories to do just that. Being able to shoot two or three models full length with the proper lenses requires a flat colored surface. However, it also represents some of the most rewarding challenges for a photographer, so if you love fast paced work, and controlled situations, then this could be something for you. Final session: Final critique of images and presentation on self-promotion, portfolios and common business practices in this specialized field. If you are new to photography, then this is the place to begin. Photographic area you decide to pursue, will teach you the fundamental principles of fine art photography that you will rely on for the rest of your career.

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