fashion photography by Aleksandar Kujucev

Welcome to my online portfolio of fashion photography.
For success in fashion photography, you must learn how to create light using studio strobes and tungsten lighting and the devices used to manipulate them. Lighting for surfaces as well as artificial lighting on location are important. No one is going to teach you total light control. You will learn only about critical metering, comparative ratios, light quality and much more, along with a whole host of contemporary lighting techniques for people photography such as key shifting, shutter drag, projected light, creative use of motion and painting with light. You will also learn how to use lighting as an integral part of the concept or mood of your work. This will add to an artistic image, the beautiful people like to see. Significantly added to your stylistic repertoire by first honing your sense of tone and contrast. You will also learn techniques in toning, bleaching, split toning, archival fiber base printing and gallery display techniques Distressed and alternative color images have always been immensely popular in fashion photography. Some saw it simply as an aid to the artist, particularly the portraitist. And a number of great photographers accepted the help, using to execute fashion and exact working relationship with make-up artists, hair stylists and fashion stylists, not to mention assistants to be.

This will show variations in techniques such as cross processing, color infra-red, and blatant film manipulation to create extraordinary color and contrast shifts in both E6 and C41 color films. The fashion industry is one of the most demanding on photographers in terms of personal style. You must be able to separate the set, the crew: The shooter, models, agencies, editor’s stylists and assistants. Who does what. yourself from other fashion shooters in order to get noticed. This will help you define your approach by gathering all of your skills in lighting, printing and composition to create a unique and individual style to your work. It will also prepare you for the ongoing process. Fashion photography is an introduction to the ever exciting world and constantly improving. Publications had been running fashion pictures since the stone age. Thanks to the development of the halftone printing process, which allowed images to be reproduced on the same page as type. At the start, these photographs merely mimicked the intricate drawings or etchings known as fashion plates: Models are aristocratic; their couture clothes are central to the images; poses are stiff and formal; and the photos are soft-focus studio shots.

Fashion calendar 2002 Click - Sanja Lukjacenko
Boris Nikolic
Darko Kostic
Svetlana & Jelena Prokovic 1
Wire Magazine cover
Ana Kuzmanic 1
Dejana Vucicevic
Ana Kuzmanic 2
Jelena & Svetlana Prokovic 2
Sanja Lukjacenko
New Moment magazine cover
Danilo Zizic
Smirnoff International Fashion Awards catalogue
Nicola's 2001 catalogue
Nicola's 2002 catalogue
CHIC magazine editorial