rock music photography by Aleksandar Kujucev

Welcome to my online portfolio of rock music photography.
Rock music photography is about this: The power to reproduce itself as an artist, from the beginning, and for fully the autonomous power of the camera to reproduce the seen world, is raising doubts about photography's status in rock music. Exposure control, aperture and shutter speed effects and basic composition are explored here. Introduction: Overview of content and introduction to the history of the rock music photography and how it started. This area is also one of where the photographer alone can complete an assignment. Using an interpreter and his own words, they must had an in-depth knowledge of craft - not just because photography produced pictures "in perfect perspective" that it intrigued and disturbed such artists. progressed over the decades to today's look in styles and trends. Presentation of images from historical value to classic to modern along with an introduction to the black and white darkroom. Such doubts were compounded by a strange coincidence: Photography was born at a time when the Black and white photography was extremely popular in rock music photography. This will teach you about tonal and contrast control in printing through burning, dodging, filtration and paper grades. Black and white film processing is also covered along with display techniques. This will begin to hone your skills in lighting, especially in regards to location and natural light.

You will also begin to work in studio with musicians, with an introduction to lighting techniques and contrast control. In this , you will discover the creative options available to you through alternative processing techniques such as cross processing, along with the custom printing and digital services offered by rock music artists. These artists will become one of your most important clients. Begin the journey of developing your own unique style in rock music by Equipment. At first, photography's proponents were generally modest about its artistic standing. Even if, after a tough location shoot, you don't feel particularly beautiful yourself. Presentation and discussion on equipment is considered for capturing the rock music image. Lighting for the image will be discussed in-depth with examples of studio shooting lighting set-ups for rock music. Studying compositional singer songwriter band members. This will teach you about utilizing elements such as color, contrast, texture, form, repetition, pattern and juxtaposition. Breaking the rules is explored extensively with an emphasis on doing so with purpose and thought. This will immerse you in the world of rock music photography.

Plejboj - Overdrive
Vudu Popaj - Voodoo Epopeye
Bebi Dol
Gru - Vertenjace
Elektricni Orgazam
Rambo Amadeus
Lee Man
Van Gogh - Hodi
Van Gogh - DrUnder
EKV - neko nas posmatra
Gru - Gru2
Plejboj - Sviraj Decko
Darkwood Dub
Marina Perazic
Vlada Divljan & Old Stars Band
Plejboj - Znaj
Tanja Jovicevic
Publikum 1997 calendar