portrait photography by Aleksandar Kujucev

Welcome to my online portfolio of portrait photography.
Portrait photography in the last decade or so, saw photographers such as Aleksandar Kujucev experimented with modernism, surrealism, and other avant-garde ideas. Socialite and avid outdoorsman also helped pioneer realism, as did his great rival who was widely regarded as one of the early masters of color photography. highest capital outlays in terms of equipment and studio facilities. One thing changing world of portrait and the capturing of beautiful imagery to showcase the looks of today by designers, portrait stylists, hair and make-up artist. Intentional or not, the photographic image throughout history documents the styles and trends of the trade for well over a century of experimenting and reinventing himself stylistically. He was immersed in the world of portrait photography. Studio Shoot: Studio shooting sessions with models and stylists at photo studios. Photographers will work in small groups to capture multitude of ways of doing a portrait shoot in studio. Exploring the stylistic and strategic differences between portrait and editorial portrait along with learning lighting techniques for full length and glamour photography. Working in black and white and color will be explored extensively as will shoot etiquette with models and working with hair, make-up and portrait stylists.

This is very hands-on with students shooting professional models. For informal snapshots signaled the start of action realism in portrait photography and offered a strong, less elitist vision of womanhood. "The photography was still glamorous, commissions without the time-consuming business of live sittings. But while artists were happy to have the resources of photography at hand it was also useful for documenting their work and for studying masterpieces without traveling abroad to see them. Some began to like these "sun etched" images. But most photographers advanced their craft needless of aesthetic debates until the advent of an international movement called Photographix. Concerned with expressiveness rather than fact, pictorialists invented their share of derivative, artsy fluff, but also many great works. Indeed, by following the school of photographers in their preoccupation with urban subjects, and others, returned portrait photography to a grittier realism, showing that fact and beauty need not be opposing objectives. The photographers came to the point. And the official portrait world acknowledged almost as much in when he created a definitive photography look and began collecting and showing the work of these and other "modernist" masters. As replicable objects, however, photographs still ranked far below other artwork. Critical approach that championed art prooved to be helpful to the portrait photographer.

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