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The Holy Orthodox Church traces it's history directly, in an unbroken line of succession, to the descent of the Holy Spirit on the original Pentecost. Orthodoxy prides itself on a rich tradition which, by and large, has been immune to the changing tides of secular thought during the past two millenia. The word "Orthodox" derives from the Greek words for "true faith".

The Orthodox Church is organized into a number of jurisdictions formed originally along ethnic lines, depending upon which part of the world the faithful were located in. Each of these jurisdictions is under the spiritual leadership of a Patriarch, and the various Patriarchs are deemed to be equals in status and authority, although traditionally, the Patriarch of Constantinople has been accorded the honor of being "first among equals", and is called the "Ecumenical Patriarch". The various ethnic jurisdictions, however, share one common faith and are in full communion with one another.

Those entering an Orthodox Church for the first time are struck by a wondrous sense that they are, in fact, entering upon Holy ground. They see the candles burning, watch as the faithful prayerfully reverence the icons, listen to the foreign-sounding tones of the chanted services, and smell the sweet-scented incense, which carries the prayers of the faithful heavenward.

The Orthodox Church welcomes all into her loving folds, with infants being accepted through the sacrament of Baptism by total immersion in water. Thus, the child born into a practicing Orthodox family is surrounded by the traditions of the faith, and the community of the faithful take an active part in the spiritual education of that child.

In the United States today, Orthodoxy is experiencing a renewal of sorts in that it is attracting people from many different ethnic and religious backgrounds, many of whom have discovered Orthodoxy's vibrant history on their own, thereby filling in a great gap in their understanding of the Christian experience between the time of the early church and the middle ages. Many are astounded to discover and read the works of the Patristic Fathers, which Orthodoxy has guarded as her precious treasure over the centuries, and has made it available to all who hunger for that knowledge.

The following links will serve, I hope, to give the reader an opportunity to learn a little about the Orthodox Church, if you are so inclined. While I originally envisioned this as something of an exhaustive catalog of source materials, I quickly learned that others have already done a yeoman's job of putting these resources together in a format which can be easily accessed over the Internet. I have, therefore, attempted to simply give you the best of those links in the hope that they will whet your appetite and cause you to follow them on your own. It is my further hope that anything beneficial that you find here, or through these links, will make an impression upon your heart and soul, and that if anything I have stated herein is in error, that it will "go in one ear and out the other".

General Orthodox links

The True Vineyard An impressive work offered by Angie Tzouvelakos of Montreal and Rev. Athanasios Kalogirou of Greece. They offer a number of items in your choice of Greek or English, including pages dealing with Catechesis, Holidays of the Church, A Topic of the Week, The Sunday Gospels for each week and a number of prayers. They also plan to offer some Patristic writings in the near future. Check it out!

The OCF Orthodox Christian Page in America A good jumping off point, with links to sources dealing with Scripture, prayers, the Divine Liturgy and some basic reading materials.

TheoLogic Systems Internet Center This is a site that not only lets you know about the latest in software and related items dealing with Orthodoxy, but it contains a long list of links to other Orthodox sources. TheoLogic Systems is a company owned by my friend, Fr. John Touloumes, whom God has blessed with the gift of the Holy Spirit received through his baptism and later ordination to the priesthood, and a zeal for the faith which is contagious. Fr. John is also blessed in that his education prior to entering into the priesthood was in computer science, and he has been able to apply the latest cutting edge technology to the glory of God through this work. He is also the Pastor of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Pittsburgh, which was the parish in which I grew up, and which holds a special place in my heart to this day.

The Saint of the Day WWW Calendar

Trophy Bearers & All Saints Greek Orthodox Church (Canonsburg, PA) WWW Home Page. Also, check out the home page of Fr. George Livanos, Oikonomos of All Saints, who not only labors in the vineyard of the Lord, but also puts a lot of effort into maintaining a very good mailing list which you may want to subscribe to.

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Home Page

Orthodox Ministry ACCESS Home Page

Orthodox Listserv Archive from MIT


News on the Ecumenical Patriarchate

The Easter Sermon of St. John Chrysostom

The Christian Activist - A Journal of Orthodox Opinion

The Seraphim Rose Bookstore
Lots of good stuff here!

Links to Information about Mt. Athos (The Holy Mountain)

Catalogi Codicum Montis Athonis An interesting site dealing with the Philotheou Monastery Project of Professor Robert W. Allison, Bates College Department of Philosophy and Religion in Lewiston, Maine and the Mount Athos Greek Manuscripts Catalog Project of the Patriarchal Institute for Patristic Studies in Thessaloniki, Greece. This server is the primary repository of information related to the Philotheou Monastery Catalog Project. Allison has substantial contacts with the Holy Monastery of Philotheou, which I visited some years ago, and which is the home of my spiritual father, the Archimandrite Ephraim, immediate past Abbot of that Monastery.

MOUNT ATHOS A site maintained by Democritus University of Thrace, in Greece. This is, at times, a frustratingly slow link, but I think worth the wait.

An Introduction to Mount Athos (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece).

Welcome to Mt. Athos

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