M.S. Mechanical Engineering
State University of New York at Buffalo    Buffalo, New York (1995-1997)
B.T. Mechanical Engineering
State University of New York at Buffalo State College    Buffalo, New York (1993-1995)

Baker Hughes    Houston, Texas (1999-Present)
Mechanical Engineer - Project Leader

Thomas C. Wilson, Inc.    Long Island City, New York (1997-1999)
Product Engineer
Designed, developed and utilized new hydraulic and pneumatic tools along with their accessories for HVAC industry. Developed a complete self feeding unit for tube cleaning that was later on patented. Worked on developing a new technology for automation of tube expansion process using a computer driven arm. New products developed using Mechanical Desktop (3D solid modeling) to increase efficiency and productivity while keeping design time low

American Precision Industries, Basco Division    Buffalo, New York (1996-1997)
Assistant Engineer

Worked on designing, utilizing, and performing tests on heat exchangers, and moisture separators/intercoolers. Used the latest technologies and computer software, such as Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer (Laser technique) and FI-DAP software (Computational Fluid Dynamics based program for flow modeling using finite element analysis), for getting theoretical solutions to back up the experimentally obtained results.

MOD-PAC Corporation  Buffalo, New York (1996-1996)
Procedure Writing Intern

Worked on creating and writing procedures in accordance to ISO 9000 for Structural Department, Designing Department, and Production office. After the procedures were developed, the unique, master procedure was written that will be used in the company's future operation. Developed various charts to supplement the procedures.

Cepting Inc.   Belgrade, Yugoslavia (1990-1993)
Engineering Consultant

  • Produced workshop documentation for stable automatic water-based (sprinkler, drencher and water curtain) and gas based (carbon dioxide and halon) fire protections
  • Produced Fire protection projects for residential buildings, public buildings and industrial objects in those parts pertaining to fire protection of machine heating installations, ventilation and climatization
  • Produced documentation for pump stations and piping
  • Assisted in production of projects for smoke and heat removal installations for various kinds of objects

Computer Languages: Basic, FORTRAN, HTML
Computer Systems: Windows, UNIX, VMS, DOS
Computer Software: FI-DAP (Computational Fluid Dynamics), Excel, MatLab, Maple, Math CAD, Auto CAD R14, Mechanical Desktop (3D solid modeling), FAAST3