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Stevic, Vladan


Born: 1949, Beograd, Yugoslavia


Education: Architectural University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia

His influences include Victor Vasareley, Symbolic art work, Surrealist Philosophy, the Far East and Devotional Buddhism. He works with acrylic and airbrush on canvas and his thoroughly contemporary paintings have a slightly mystical feel to them. He mixes futuristic design and religious imagery in order to make the connection between outer space and Earth. One of his themes is the sophistication man acquires by looking outward and attempting to make progress inward. He has been commissioned to paint Chicago's skyline.

"...The way of the mystic and the way of the artist are related, except that mystic doesn't have a craft. The craft holds the artist to the world, whereas the mystic, facing inward, may be carried to such an extreme posture of indifference to the claims of phenomenal life..."


Contact address:

1416 Grant Avenue #17
San Francisco, CA 94133

tel.:   415.986.8480
e-mail: vladan@yurope.com

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