Someone Else's America

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Film Tudja Amerika je bio prikazan u okviru Filmskog festivala u Vankuveru,
oktobra 1995, kao Gala predstava povodom 14-te godisnjice.

"Goran Paskaljevic's Tango Argentino was one of the most popular films at
the 1993 VIFF(Vancouver International Film Festival). He returns with this
enchanting melting-pot comedy. 'The proof of Europudding is in Someone
Else's America, a delightfuly quirky, well-observed character comedy.
Directed and written by Serbs, lensed largely in a Hamburg studio by a
Greek, produced by a Franco-British-German troika, and featuring a rich
mix of international thespians, this fairy-tale-like study of friendship
between two Euro-bozos in Brooklyn is a charmer on every leve... Bayo
(Miki Manojlovic) is a Montenegrian ilegal in New York who does
construction gigs and works as a cleaner at the scuzzy Brooklyn bar of
Alonso (Tom Conti), a shifty-eyed Spaniard. When the rest of Bayo's family
finally arives in Brooklyn, they adapt to the underbelly of the American
Dream in various ways... Though the film centres on the volatile
friendship between Alonso and Bayo, it's very much an ensemble piece;
Paskaljevic's view of his charactes is alert to their shortcomings, but
the film is done with a twinkle in the eye. Inventive left-field ideas
give the movie its charm [and] a major assist in creating the film's
special flavour is the giant Brooklyn backstreets set built at a studio in
Hamburg... The bulk of the picture takes on a slightly unreal, studio feel
that perefectly matches the rich stew of characters.' Derek Elley Variety"

Iz "Souvenir Programme" publikacije, izdate povodom filmskog festivala.