Heavy Metal

Predrag L. Stojkov (stojkov@het.brown.edu)
Sat, 8 Jun 1996 04:50:01 -0400 (EDT)

Heavy Metal comes to home video, includes 3 minutes of new footage

Heavy Metal, the cult science fiction-fantasy
animated movie, will be released to video by Columbia TriStar Home Video
on June 4. The video release has been remastered using THX Digital
Remastering and features three minutes of a never-before-seen segment
that was cut from the original theatrical release.

The added segment, Neverwhere Land from animator Cornelius
Cole III, will be made an epilogue to the film. Originally it was meant
to be a bridge between the segments Captain Sternn and Gremlins, but it
was cut because the 90-minute animation was considered too long already.

Heavy Metal is Columbia Picture's most active title and has
been seen over the past decades as a midnight theater show. On March 8 a
new print of the film was released to 39 cities.

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