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Skoti optuzuju Zvezdu!!!

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Mon, 26 Aug 1996 11:22:51 -0700

Ko gubi ima pravo i da se ljuti, ali sledeca vest koju prenosim iz
Electronic Telegraph-a, me je stvarno iznervirala:



UEFA to play down claims of Red Star war criminal links

By Roddy Forsyth

UEFA last night played down the possibility of an investigation
into the affairs of Red Star Belgrade after accusations that the
club have connections with Yugoslav war criminals who have
recruited supporters for death squads which killed thousands of
civilians in Bosnia.

The allegations against Red Star, who knocked Hearts out of the
European Cup-Winners' Cup on the away goals rule after a 1-1 draw
at Tynecastle on Thursday, were made by an author and Balkan
affairs expert in a Scottish newspaper yesterday.

The report claimed that 43 Red Star fans aiming to travel to
Scotland had been refused visas by the British Embassy in

A UEFA spokesman said: "Yugoslavia is emerging from a period of
turmoil and it is not easy for anyone to substantiate accusations
which may be made in the aftermath of such trouble.

"We would look seriously at any information which was presented to
us but at the moment nobody is suggesting that Red Star conducted
themselves improperly in their matches with Hearts. We have
certainly not had any complaints from the Scottish club or their
national association." --


Vladica Trenkic