YU_SPORT_1: Serbia Montenegro - Czechia 1:0

Serbia Montenegro - Czechia 1:0

Boris (bjelica@ENGR.ORST.EDU)
Sun, 10 Nov 1996 13:52:26 -0800

The united team of Serbia and Montenegro has tonight played Czech team in the
World Cup qualifying game. The game was played at the Zvezda stadium
before more than 50,000. Both teams played well, with a slightly more
chances on the Serbo-Montenegrin side.

The only goal was scored in the 18th minute by the Montenegrin star
Predrag Mijatovic (Real Madrid).

The No.1 favorite of the group 6 is Spain, but Czech Republic (No.2 Euro
Cup) and Serbia-Montenegro (k.a. "Yugoslavia") are also in the game, and
so potentially is Slovakia. By many accounts, this is the strongest
qualifying group.