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Dobre slike. Imam samo jednu primedbu, zadnja slika nije Mig 29 nego Suhoi
Su 27, koga sponzorira Jupiter zavarovanje i Knaapo (jedna od fabrika, koja
proizvodi taj tip).

Ako ima vise ljudi na listi, koje zanima aviacija, eto nesto humora:

The Top 15 Advertising Slogans for Delta Air Lines:

Delta: We're Amtrak with wings.
Join our frequent near-miss program.
Ask about our out-of-court settlements.
Noisy engines? We'll turn 'em off!
Complimentary champagne in free-fall.
Enjoy the in-flight movie in the plane next to you.
The kids will love our inflatable slides.
You think it's so easy, get your own damm plane!
Delta: Our pilots are terminally ill and have nothing to
Delta: We might be landing on your street!
Delta: Terrorists are afraid to fly with us.
Bring a bathing suit.
So that's what these buttons do!
Delta: A real man lands where he wants to.
Delta: We never make the same mistake three times.

Top Ten New Advertising Slogans for Delta Airlines (From
David Letterman)

10. We're Amtrak with WIngs
9. Join Our Frequent Near-Miss Program
8. Ask About Out-of-Court Settlements
7. Noisy Engines? We'll Turn 'Em Off!
6. Complimentary Champagne in Free-Fall
5. Enjoy the In-Flight Movie on the Plane Next to You
4. The Kids Will Love Our Inflatable Slides
3. Terrorists Are Afraid to Fly with Us
2. Our Pilots Are Terminally Ill and Have Nothing to Lose
1. We Might Be Landing on Your Street!