YUQwest: Pomoc [High Density Polythene]

Dejan Milenkovic (nensi@infosky.net)
Thu, 28 Oct 1999 03:30:52 +0200

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Potrebna je ,cini mi se, specificna pomoc jednoj devojci. Stoga ako
_iko_ nesto zna neka mi _hitno_ javi!

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 Dobro, here comes the question I wanted to ask you. Can you,
 please, find out, if there are any plants in Serbia that produce
 High Density Polythene( Visoke gustine polietilen) Low Density
 Polythene ( Nizke Gustine polietilen) This is the product of
 Organic Synthesis.A primary polythene.I just need to know if
 there are any plants that produce that thing. This is the matter
 of death and live to me. Is there any way to find out ? I would
 be soooooo appreciate for that. Because if they do produce it
 there I could be coming to visit Belgrade in a matter of months.

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