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Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 21:13:03 PST

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    Sveze sa BBC-a :

>> Swiss city dwellers enjoy the highest quality of life in the world, while
     inhabitants of Baghdad and Khartoum live in some of the worst conditions,
     according to a survey.
    Top 10 cities:
    Vancouver, Zurich, Vienna, Bern - 106
    Sydney, Geneva, Auckland, Copenhagen - 105.5
    Helsinki, Amsterdam - 104.5

  The study of 218 cities, conducted by London-based human resources
  William M Mercer, looked at 39 factors governing quality of life, including
  politics economics and environment, personal safety and health, education,
  transport and recreation.
  Each city was compared with New York which was given 100 points, putting
it in
  50th place. Other US cities were hit by their high crime rates and personal
  security problems, with Honolulu ranking highest with 104 points.
 London came in at number 34 with 101.5 - its quality of life affected by its
 unfriendly climate and traffic congestion. Tokyo and Paris were marginally
 ahead on 102.5. <<

 Uff..... !


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