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This is a regular posting briefly describing group of electronic
mailing lists publishing articles about countries originating from
former Yugoslavia. If there are any other suggestions or comments
regarding the form, content or frequency of this overview please
direct them to


This Directory is also available through KRPAN WWW composition at

Contents (in alphabetical order):

        o Bosnet 38
        o Croatian-News / Hrvatski-Vjesnik 129
        o Cro-News / SCYU-Digest 169
        o Hrvatska - Svijet (Croatia - World) 217
        o Kuharske Bukve 248
        o MAK-NEWS 264
        o Mostovi 404
        o Novice MZT 401
        o Odraz B92 vest 430
        o Pisma Bralcev 452
        o ProFemina 473
        o Rec 494
        o SAGE-net 523
        o SII 545
        o ST-L (Srpska terminologija/Serbian Terminology)
        o Vreme 588
        o YU-QWest 628
        o Zamir Transnational Network -- ZTN 654


                             < BosNet >
                         - a.k.a. BosNews -

Majordomo maintains two separate bosnet lists, with different
distribution formats, both containing the same BosNet news/messages

     bosnet - Regular mailing list. All messages are
                      distributed sequentialy.
     bosnet-digest - Digest list. If subscribed to this list, you
                      will receive only one long daily posting.

Subscription requests:

        With the text:
                subscribe list [address]

  This command subscribes a user to the named "list". Unless the user
  includes the optional "address", Majordomo will use the e-mail
  address in the mail message header ("Reply-to:", if any, otherwise
  "From:") to send mail to the user.

For additional information, or in case of problems, please contact:

        Dzevat Omeragic <dzevat@ee.mcgill.ca>
        Murat Erkocevic <MErkocev@qntm.com>
        Davor Wagner <DWagner@mailbox.syr.edu>
        Nermin Zukic <N6Zukic@sms.business.uwo.ca>

BosNet is a computer group/forum run by volunteers. Its goals are to
present and distribute information relevant to the events in/about
Republic of Bosnia-Hercegovina (RB&H); and to initiate and
coordinate various initiatives, etc.

BosNet supports these basic principles and concepts:

- equal rights for all citizens of B&H;
- promotes the concept of democracy, political awareness, education,
  tolerance and understanding amongst various groups and individuals
  of B&H nationality (in and out of the country);
- it initiates and participates in actions which benefit citizens of
  B&H in and out of the country, including, but not limited to:
   * improving communications: e-mail, letters, press/news releases,
   * participation in scientific, technical, medical, academic,
     economic and other forms of cooperation/exchanges/assistance
     between B&H organizations and individuals and other interested
     parties; etc.
- promotes Bosno-Hercegovinian heritage, art, culture, traditions,
- initiates and participates in political actions/initiatives
  abroad, creating interest, raising awareness of general public and
  decision-makers about the events taking place in B&H;
- promotes freedom to analyze, discuss, criticize events/issues from
  B&H political, economical, social, and other aspects of life;

BosNet as such, does not support any political party, platform, or
person, but only stated set of values.

The group is moderated, which means that only selected contributions
are published. The contributions/opinions presented on BosNews do
not necessarily reflect personal opinions of the moderator or the
member(s) of the Editorial Board. To participate in a discussion on
a specific topic related to RB&H, please consider Usenet group
misc.news.bosnia, soc.culture.bosna-herzgvna, or

Typical daily posting consists of newsbriefs compiled from news
agencies reports, OMRI, USIA, VOA, as well as numerous other
sources, such as: NYC, Boston, LA, SF, Chicago dailies; WP, WSJ, The
Economist, White House releases, New Republic, various governmental
reports (US, B&H, Croatian, etc.), These postings are in English

BosNet - B

For news, articles and other relevant materials in Bosnian
(Croatian, Serbian) language(s), a separate list of subscribers is

To subscribe to the list, please send an e-mail message, WITHOUT
subject to: LISTSERV@novell.business.uwo.ca
containing: SUB BosNet-B {NO name reuiqred}

To UNsubscribe, please send an e-mail message, WITHOUT the subject
to: LISTSERV@novell.business.uwo.ca
containing: UNSUB BOSNET-B {NO name required}

                < Croatian-News / Hrvatski-Vjesnik >

Subscription requests:
        for the list Croatian-News with text:
                subscribe CROATIAN-NEWS <your name>
        for the list Hrvatski-Vjesnik with text:
                subscribe HRVATSKI-VJESNIK <your name>

Central place to direct all your comments and/or contributions for
publication is:

Please note that these distributions are MODERATED, and for news
ONLY. In any case, do not use Reply-to-All option from an item you
receive, but use a specific address given above.

News from and related to Croatia. The service is run by volunteers.

There are two MODERATED news distributions: one in Croatian
(occasionally an article can be in some other South Slavic language)
and one in English. Each distribution brings 20-200K of mail weekly.

Sample offering:
    Croatian News (in English):
        - Foreign Press Bureau (Zagreb) reports
        - Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Inc. reports related to
        - some translations from Croatian and other papers
        - some scholarly articles about Croatia
        - sports, cultural and other news related to Croatia

    Hrvatski Vjesnik (in Croatian):
        - occasional transcripts from Croatian papers (e.g. Globus,
          Vecernji list, Vjesnik, Slobodna Dalmacija, Feral Tribune)


               < Cro-News/SCCro-Digest/SCYU-Digest >

Subscription requests:
        for the list Cro-News with the text:
                SUBSCRIBE cro-news Your_name Your_last_name
        for the list SCCro-Digest with the text:
                SUBSCRIBE sccro-digest Your_name Your_last_name
        and for the list SCYU-Digest with the text:
                SUBSCRIBE scyu-digest Your_name Your_last_name

World Wide Web URL: http://www.well.ox.ac.uk/~nino/

Current editor:
        Nino Margetic <nino@well.ox.ac.uk>


This non-moderated list is the distribution point for the news
comming from Croatia. At the time of writing (Aug '92) list carries
articles from Vjesnik, Vecernji List, Globus, Slobodna Dalmacija,
Radio Free Europe/Radio Luxemburg bulletins, OMRI reports, UPI
reports, etc. The volume of news is relatively high. The languages
are Croatian, English and occasionally Slovene. Please send requests
for subscription to the aforementioned address.


These two moderated mailing lists enable people without access to
the USENET newsgroups soc.culture.croatia and soc.culture.yugoslavia
to receive messages published on those forums in a digested form.
The volume of the material depends on the traffic on the respective
newsgroup, but usually there is at least 700-800 lines of text daily
(on each list). The topics cover wide ranging subjects and on
occasions one can witness *very* heated discussions between the
participants. Language is mostly English. The interaction is
possible thru the gateway at Berkeley.

NOTE: ListServ software which is being used for list distribution,
has a whole host of commands and features (message digests and
on-line archives among them). If you want to learn how to use any of
them, send a message to the listserv@well.ox.ac.uk containg word
HELP in the message body. Finally, these three lists are
*completely* separate, and one san subscribe to one, two, or all of

              < Hrvatska - Svijet (Croatia - World) >
                  - Electronic bussines bulletin -
    ( (c) Copyright 1996-97 ABACUS - mailto:info@hrvatska.com )

Subscription requests:

        With the text:
                subscribe svijet

        Dr. Josip Crnicki (Urednik@Hrvatska.Com)


Founder and manager:
        ABACUS, Izrada informacijskih sustava, mreza i komunikacija

You can request previous issues via email or download previous
issues of bulletin from following sites:

Published once a week, moderated. Every issue is dedicated to one
subject, mostly connected to bussines, computer science and
Internet. Posts are edited and published every few weeks. From time
to time whole issue contains all kinds of computer news. It is
possible to publish short addvertisements and bussines offers.

                        < Kuharske bukve >
                          -- Cook Book --

Subscription requests and contributions:

Editorial board:
        Polona Novak (Polona.Novak@IJS.Si)
        Andrej Brodnik (ABrodnik@UWaterloo.CA)

"Kuharskve bukve" is a moderated mailing list published weekly. Each
issue brings one recipe previously tested by a member of editorial
board. The recipes are formated. Language used is Slovene only. The
editors are happy to receive readers' opinions.

                            < MAK-NEWS >

Subscription requests:
        for the list MAKEDON with the text:
                subscribe MAKEDON Your Name
        and for the list MAKNWS-L with the text:
                subscribe MAKNWS-L Your Name
        (To unsubscribe: signoff <list name>)


        for MAKNWS-L: MAKNWS-L-Request@ListServ.ACSU.Buffalo.Edu
        for MAKEDON: MAKEDON-Request@ListServ.ACSU.Buffalo.Edu

Current Editors:
        Sasha@MSI-UK.Com (Sasha Konechni)
        BVS4997@ritvax.isc.rit.edu (Boris Soposki)
        SShopov@Mail.USyd.Edu.AU (Sacha Shopov)
        90saragi@Wave.Scar.Utoronto.Ca (Steve Saragil)
        Trajkovs@enuxsa.eas.asu.edu (Igor Trajkovski)
        vkire@CS.MsState.Edu (Kiril Vidimce)

MAK-NEWS caters for events regarding the Republic of Macedonia which
today is made up of two listserv mailgroups, MAKNWS-L and MAKEDON:
   1. MAKNWS-L is for News reports on the Macedonian Republic,
      and arrive both in English and Macedonian languages.
   2. MAKEDON is for Discussions regarding the Macedonian Republic.
      Contributors are free to use either English or Macedonian,
      whichever they feel more fluent and/or appropriate at the time.

Rapid up-to-date News reports from independent news services direct
from Macedonia arrive regularly onto MAK-NEWS, ensuring the latest
on events concerning the Republic. Other Special Interest reports
are also distributed through MAK-NEWS as they occur. Subscribers
receive both the English and Macedonian versions of the news which

Sources on MAK-NEWS include the Macedonian Information Liason
Service (M.I.L.S.), the Macedonian Information Centre (M.I.C.),
Macedonian Tribune (M.T.), Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
(RFE/RL), Radio Voice of America (VOA), N.A.T.O. Press Releases,
Mainstream Media reports, Human Rights Media Releases and reports -
as well as many miscellaneous others.

MAK-NEWS operates from MAKNWS-L@ListServ.ACSU.Buffalo.Edu on the
InterNet, with an average weekly traffic throughput of about 400

Subscribers can also receive MAK-NEWS in DIGEST mode. This setting
accumulates all the submissions to MAK-NEWS during the day and mails
the result out as a batch file. This can be a convenient method to
receive MAK-NEWS due to the quantity of material at times. Send:
"set MAKNWS-L digest" to listserv@ListServ.ACSU.Buffalo.Edu to enable.
To reset to normal mode use "set MAKNWS-L mail".

MAK-NEWS is also happy to accept subscriber contributons. If you
wish to have international distribution for your work - relating
Macedonia which would interest the large MAK-NEWS readerbase, dont
hesitate to submit your work. Contact one of the editors for more

Included on the WWW sites currently are the Republic of Macedonia
Constitution (CONSTITUTION), the Macedonian Flag, complete archives
of MAK-NEWS, and various other miscellaneous material regarding
the Macedonian Republic.

MAK-NEWS (MAKNWS-L) regular reports are also archived on the FTP
site at ListServ.ACSU.Buffalo.Edu under the MAKNWS_L home directory.

If you're absent for a long time and don't wish your mailbox to be
full of mail you can send: "set MAKNWS-L nomail". When you return
just send: "set MAKNWS-L mail" to listserv@ListServ.ACSU.Buffalo.Edu

Finally, MAK-NEWS (MAKNWS-L) can be received in many different ways.
Material from MAK-NEWS is often exported to other discussion forums,
other networks, and even external sites off the network. Our aim is
to consistantly propagate material concering the Republic of
Macedonia, now largely recognised internationally.

For more information on matters concerning The Republic of Macedonia
the following WWW sites can be visited:


                            < Mostovi >
                           -- Bridges --

Two separate Mostovi lists exist simultaneously, with different
distribution formats, both containing the same Mostovi messages (the
so-called "mostovi"):

   mostovi - Regular mailing list. All messages are
                    distributed sequentially.
   mostovi-digest - Digest list. If subscribed to this list, you
                    will receive large aggregate postings of 100+KB.

Send subscription requests to:

        With either of these lines in the message body:
                subscribe mostovi
                subscribe mostovi-digest

Send mail for the list (subscribers only) to:

In case of technical problems, contact:

List Mostovi (=Bridges) is a gathering place for ex-Yugoslav and
other persons of cosmopolitan attitude. It is a place for friendly
exchange of personal experiences beyond political borders.

The list is not moderated, which means that all messages sent from
subscribed addresses are distributed automatically. However, the
Council of Mostovi takes action when necessary, in accordance with
the rules available at the MOSTOVI official web site


thus providing an indirect form of moderation. The most important
rule is: all topics are allowed, but not all attitudes. No messages
displaying or advocating bias on the basis of race, gender or
ethnicity will be tolerated. Thinking before writing is strongly
advised. Creativity is encouraged, while duplication is discouraged
even beyond copyright limits. Quotations must not exceed 50% of the
entire message. Attachments are allowed and welcome, within the
total message size limit of 50 KB.

Participation of members of all nations and denominations is
desirable, English being, along with South Slavic languages, the
official language of the list.

                           < Novice MZT >
                         -- News of MZT --

Subscription requests and contributions:

Current editor:
        Polona Novak (Polona.Novak@MZT.SI)

``News of Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of
Slovenia'' for the first time appeared in October 1990 as an
information bulletin. The intended role of ``News'' is to provide
easy accessible news from science, development, universities,
innovative activities to indviduals and institutions in research and
development area.

At the end of May 1994 the Ministry changed the form of information
which reflected in a change of ``News'' into ``Scientia''. That is,
``Scientia'' is now published as a separate page of column ``Znanje
za razvoj'' (``Knowledge for development'') in a Slovenian
newspaper ``Delo''. The reason for the change was Ministry's
intention to make its information available to a broader public and
to make the information more up-to-date.

``Scientia'' contains announcements and advertisements of the
Ministry, and articles about research policy. It is published twice
a month except in July and August.

                        < Odraz B92 vesti >
         -- Odraz B92 news, Beograd, daily news service --

Subscription and other information requests:

The news are edited by journalists of Radio B92, Belgrade, and
distributed via SII.COM WWW server and e-mail. Topics include: News
of the day, Media survey, Culture and sport, and Magazine.

Issues of "Odraz B92 vesti" are available on SII.COM WWW Server:


This is a payed distribution.

Distribution or reproduction of articles and news from "Odraz B92
vesti" (total or partial) is not allowed beyond this distribution
list, as well as distribution of printed copies, posting to news
groups or private e-mail lists.

                         < Pisma Bralcev >
                      -- Letters of Readers --

Subscription requests and contributions:

Current editors:
        Andrej Brodnik (ABrodnik@UWaterloo.CA)
        Srecko Vidmar (Lucky@Refuge.Colorado.Edu)

``Pisma bralcev'' is edited (not moderated) mailing list which
provides the possibility of publishing readers' opinions,
questions, inquiries for help, answers etc. There are also
published travel tips and book reviews. Anybody can send the
letter to the editor and it will be published on the list under
his name. The author can request the anonymity and it will be
respected entirely. The frequency of publishing is about one
issue per day or less. The language is originally Slovene, but
other languages appear as well.

                           < ProFemina >
       -- ProFemina, journal for women writing and culture --


E-mail address:

Access through WWW:

ProFemina is a journal for women writing and culture. It is
published in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, in four issues a year.

The journal covers broad field of feminist writings and writings on
feminism. Its issues are devided into sections for both poetry and
prose, as well as essays and other informations relevant to women
writings and studies.

                              < Rec >
          -- Word, magazine for literature and culture --


E-mail address:

Access through WWW:

The Belgrade magazine for literature and culture Rec (means: Word)
is the most outstanding literary journal of its kind in Serbian
language. It is published every month. Dedicated to literary
writings of all generations and genres (poetry, prose, fiction and
non-fiction, essays, reviews, dramas), it is open to the writers
abroad, the translations from different languages, as well as to the
informations from different cultures and nations.

The magazine is distributed in two forms: the full paper edition and
the shorter electronic one. In order to receive our full paper
editions regularly, you should subscribe - follow the link for
"preplata" to see details on how to subscribe. The shorter
electronic edition is free of charge, and it is intended for
personal use only. It is not allowed to copy, nor distrubute the
texts in any other form except electronically over the Internet.

                            < SAGE-net >

Subscription requests:
        with message body: "subscribe SAGE Firstname Lastname"

Send mail for the list to:

Send questions or problems to:
        rjg@lyman.Stanford.EDU (Rich Green)

SAGE-net is a moderated group/forum run by student volunteers from
the group Students Against GEnocide (SAGE)--Project Bosnia. Its
goals are to initiate and coordinate activities among groups active
on Bosnia, particularly those on university and college campuses.
It is also for the sharing of information on action initiatives and
events taking place on campuses around the world. Finally, opinions
on the events in Bosnia and world response are occasionally shared
over SAGE-net.

                              < SII >
                -- Serbian Information Initiative --

Information and subscription requests:

Access through WWW:

SII (Serbian Information Initiative) is an unmoderated network for
distribution of news and discussions about the current events in
ex-Yu, centered around those involving or affecting Serbs. SII also
originates public actions related to these events, both at home and
abroad, and regularly maintains private e-mail connection between
Internet and nodes in Serbia and Montenegro.

Both English and Serbo-Croatian language are used. Civility in
discussions is enforced.

        < ST-L (Srpska terminologija/Serbian Terminology) >

Subscription requests:
        with the text:
                SUBSCRIBE ST-l Your_Name Your_Surname

Inquiries about the list:
        SipkaDan@hum.amu.edu.pl (Danko Sipka)

The main idea of this list is to discuss Serbian terminology and
Serbo-Croatian language in general.

The archive of the list is available at:

At the same node there is also an anonymous ftp archive
with linguistic texts:
ftp.amu.edu.pl/pub/Serbo-Croat (see 00-index.txt first)

The list is neither moderated nor restricted.

                             < Vreme >

Subscription and other information requests:

VREME carries "Vreme News Digest" (selected articles from "Vreme"
translated into English).

Since Fall of 1989, "Vreme" is the major independent newspaper in
Yugoslavia and "neighbouring countries". It is published weekly,
every Monday, and usually the electronic mail edition of VND is
available on the same day.

Issues of "Vreme News Digest" are available on SII.COM WWW Server:


This is a payed distribution.

NOTE 1: Distribution of full edition of "Vreme" in Serbo-Croatian
may take place in the future. It will be possible to transfer
subscription to that edition if one wishes to do so.

NOTE 2: Distribution or reproduction of articles from VND, either
whole or in part, is not allowed beyond this distribution list. NO

NOTE 3: For over two years volunteers from SII [Serbian Information
Initiative] had been distributing electronic edition of the digest
as a free service provided by the Vreme News Digest Agency to
community of all peoples from former Yugoslavia, as well as all
those interested in events in Yugoslavia. VND Agency coudn't afford
such luxury any longer. Subscription rates for this commercial
distribution have been made as low as possible to assure that
everyone interested can afford to continue receiving the digest.
Your respect for the copyrights of the VND Agency is the best way to
support the independent journalism in the former Yugoslavia.

                            < YU-QWest >

Subscription (YU-QWest Mailing List (moderated)):
        with the text:
                SUBSCRIBE YUQWEST

Send mail for the list to:
        Archive available at URL:

Send questions or problems to:
        help@yuqwest.org (Help desk)
        sud@yuqwest.org (YU-QWest Savet)
        Telnet to: [] 1967
        World Wide Web URL: http://www.yuqwest.org/

YU-QWest is an APOLITICAL gathering place and communication channel
for folks from countries created by the breakup of former SFR
Yugoslavia. Come by and check it out. It works...

YU-QWest is represented on the Net by its various pages on WWW, a
mailing list, and a chat MUCK.

               < Zamir Transnational Network -- ZTN >

Subscription requests:
        with a subject:
                          SUBSCRIBE zamir-chat-l

List owner:
        ISkoric@igc.apc.org (Ivo Skoric)

This list reflects dialogs between Anti-War non-governmental
organization in former Yugoslavia linked to the ZTN.

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