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Awarded by McKinley Group on February 6th. 1996.
"... Besides the usual links to other tourism type resources, you'll also find a handful of great online magazines like Republik ... ".

"... Be sure to check out the 'Interesting Projects' where you'll find out about cool shows like the New World Order Theater production of Frank Zappa and the Prague Underground and Sex Life of the Unabombers."

"Also included are details on non-political groups and a list of related books."

full review


Web of Culture site
"... These online resources present a wide variety of information on the topic of cross-cultural communications, mainly from a native perspective. We hope you enjoy perusing these sites ..."

This award is actually going to:
Book of Home and Nasa Borba



"The Best Of Internet" award of Up2Day editorial from Germany in Business category. December 1996.

"... Unter Yurope Online stehen zahlreiche Informationen und interessante Projekte zum Thema Wirtschaft aus Jugoslawien zum Abruf bereit. Außerdem erfahren Sie via Yurope Online einiges über Kultur und Kunst aus Jugoslawien sowie den Nachbarstaaten. (Sprache: Englisch) ..."



Honorable mentions. Related resource from Yugoslavia for weeks.


Links2Go Yugoslavia (22 Jul 1998)
The Links2Go Key Resource award is both exclusive and objective. Fewer than one page in one thousand will ever be selected for inclusion. Further, unlike most awards that rely on the subjective opinion of "experts," many of whom have only looked at tens or hundreds of thousands of pages in bestowing their awards, the Links2Go Key Resource award is completely objective and is based on an analysis of millions of web pages.
Ceo_siteofday.gif (5253 bytes) "Site of the Day" on Central Europe Online
(27 December 1999)

"... Yurope Online Communications is a huge resource for the former Yugoslavia. The site gives links to Yugoslav magazines, books, art and organizations, and even provides basic information on countries in the region..."



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