Beer Kingdom
Part 1What was THAT ?
That wasn't a home page. What you just saw was a fake page from the so called "Bacchus' Manifesto"; a manuscript we're almost positive exists, but E.B. (Emperor Bacchus) is doing a good job of hiding it from everybody. We designed this page as a present for his Birthday last year, and he was pleased and touched and speechless. At least we thought so at the moment.

Later we found out he couldn't understand what was written on it, because he found the fancy font that we used ineligible. Just in case you also failed to understand the text, here is a transcript. And keep in mind that His Majesty did not have anything to do with it and it was all meant as a joke. Original version can be found here.

My contention is that most of the Evil in Today's world is caused by people who don't drink. Some of them don't even smoke. To say nothing about the so called "illegal drugs".

Humans will pay dearly for ignoring the ancient saying IN VINO VERITAS. And for ignoring my early warnings, of course. They've opted for those "democratically elected officials" who are afraid to get intoxicated because in such a condition they may tell us the TRUTH.

And that is why, at the end of the bloodiest century in our World's history, we're going down that familiar path all over again. Many of you may decide that this is a typical rambling of a deranged mind. I couldn't care less. Suit yourselves. My job is done: I've written down what I know and it's all here:
the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Past, Present, and Future are revealed here. Alas, it's all hidden in different corners of my labyrinth.

This way only those of you
who really care will see it.

Copyright 1996 Bahus Enterprises